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PhD graduates and former CORE Group members Tiago Morgado and João Sousa were recently featured in the IIFC Newsletter (2019, No. 2) for their theses “Thermal and Structural Response of Pultruded GFRP Profiles Under Fire Exposure” and “Durability of Pultruded GFRP Profiles and Adhesively Bonded Connections Between GFRP Adherents”, respectively.

Tiago’s thesis investigated the viability of the structural use of pultruded GFRP profiles in the construction industry, namely in buildings, by assessing the thermal and structural responses of pultruded GFRP profiles exposed to fire. His work involved a combination of experimental, numerical and analytical studies, where aspects such as the mechanical behaviour of pultruded GFRP material at elevated temperature and the thermal and mechanical response of pultruded GFRP profiles subjected to different types of fire exposure and comprising different fire protection systems were investigated.

The focus of João’s thesis was the durability of pultruded GFRP profiles and their adhesively bonded connections. Aspects such as the influence of environmental conditions, type of resin matrix, or ageing while under sustained loading were taken into account in a major experimental campaign that comprised over 3000 specimens. The durability of common adhesives and adhesive joints was also studies, as well as some case studies of actual GFRP structures currently in service in Portugal.

For more information about the work of Tiago Morgado and João Sousa at the CORE Group, check out our Journal Articles section or get in touch with us using the Contacts section!

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