EasyFloor – Development of Composite Sandwich Panels for Rehabilitation of Building Floors

National Innovation Agency (ANI) Project 2015/03480

Partners ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, IST, UM
Total funding 913,491.38€  IST funding 209,374.74€
Period 2016-2019


The EasyFloor project is aimed at developing innovative sandwich panels made of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) materials for the rehabilitation of degraded timber floors in old buildings.

Two pultruded sandwich panel prototypes will be developed, with distinct fields of application regarding maximum spans and allowable loads: 2nd generation composite panels with faces exclusively made of glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP), and hybrid panels with glass/carbon fibre reinforced polymer (G/CFRP) laminates in the bottom face and ultra-high performance fibre reinforced mortar (UHPFRM) in the top face. Snap-fit connections incorporated into the FRP design will allow placing and connecting the panels on site using only vertical movements, and will contribute to increase their strength and stiffness.

When compared to traditional rehabilitation solutions, the systems under development will ensure, at a competitive cost, an improved performance in terms of low weight, easy transportation, simple and quick assembly, compliance with regulatory requirements for structural safety and thermal, acoustic and fire performance, limited to no maintenance coupled with durability, and the possibility of disassembly for reuse.

Main publications

M. Garrido, R. Teixeira, J.R. Correia, L. Sutherland (2019). “Quasi-static indentation and impact in glass-fibre reinforced polymer sandwich panels for civil and ocean engineering applications”, Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials, https://doi.org/10.1177/1099636219830134.

M. Garrido, J.F.A. Madeira, M. Proença, J.R. Correia, “Multi-objective optimization of pultruded composite sandwich panels for building floor rehabilitation”, Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 198, pp. 465-478, 2019.