EcoComposite – Development of Eco-efficient Bio-composites for Civil Engineering Structural Applications

National Science Foundation (FCT) Project PTDC/ECI-EGC/29597/2017

Partners IST
Total funding 239.881,28 €
Period 2019-2021



This project concerns the development of innovative eco-efficient fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) bio-composites produced with bio-based resins, with high mechanical performance and durability, low weight and low environmental impact. New bio-resin chemical structures and formulations will be developed, aiming at partial or total substitution of oil-based resin systems. Using cradle-to-cradle life-cycle assessment in combination with multi-criteria optimization, the innovative bio-composites will be developed for four key civil engineering structural applications: (i) strengthening of concrete members with pre-cured and wet-layup systems; (ii) new sandwich panels; and (iii) new pultruded profiles. The short- and long-term behaviour of the bio-composites will be experimentally investigated. In the scope of industrial outreach actions, bio-composites produced by national manufacturers will be tested and validated in laboratory conditions.