CORE Group members at CICE2023

CORE Group members João Ramôa Correia, Inês Rosa, Lourenço Almeida Fernandes and João Lazzari attended the 11th International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, on 23-26 July. They presented recent works on (i) the European Technical Specification for Composite Structures (CEN/TS 19101: 2022), (ii) the fire behaviour of GFRP-RC structures, (iii) the fracture and web-crippling behaviour of pultruded GFRP profiles, and (iv) the geometrical imperfections and mechanical behaviour of pultruded GFRP stub columns. Inês Rosa and Lourenço Almeida Fernandes were shortlisted for the IIFC Best PhD Thesis Award. The CICE is the official conference of the International Institute for FRP in Construction.

Presentations of CORE Group members at CICE: Inês Rosa (left) and João Lazzari (right)